Who are we and what do we do?

The team at eStorm Australia- trailblazers in the IT industry for the past 15 years, established Cloudcore.net.au when we realized that a lot of businesses have not been getting the quality of service they deserve in their hosting partner. Our Cloudcore servers are run from Next DC and Amazon Web Services and you can rest assured that our team of Australian based, certified technicians are on standby to keep Cloudcore.net.au running at an optimum level all day, every day.

Our Values

We believe in putting the client first. We try and take the complexity out of cloud hosting, our solutions can be applied to all types of business whether small or large. We make sure our team of friendly staff are accessible so if you have any questions please dont hesitate to ask!

Cloudcore prides itself on offering a premium service to businesses whilst at the same time offering value for money. We’re happy to give clients our time to ensure they have a solution that suits their needs.


Cloudcore’s services are delivered from NextDC, Australia leading Data Centres. Our systems run on Dell and HP hardware and are fully redundant.


We offer Solid State Drive performance over high speed internet to ensure your services are delivered efficiently.


Cloudcore offers uptime of 99.99% for all of our services.


We have scalable, easily deployed solutions to suit your requirements.


Cloudcore offers great value for money services on our server hosting and web hosting without sacrificing quality.


Your data is protected on Cloudcore. Hosted behind firewalls and in a tier 3 data centre; we consistently perform in depth testing to improve and maintain high levels of security.

Our Location